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Conferences (up to 6 April 2018)

Date Conference Location
Mar 1-2 Asia Blockchain Expo Davao City
Mar 1-4 Crypto Virtual Summit Online
Mar 4-5 World Blockchain & Token Summit Dubai
Mar 5 Fintech World 2nd Annual Online Funding West Summit Los Angeles
Mar 5-6 Seamless Africa Cape Town
Mar 5-7 2nd Annual Fintech Week Tel Aviv Tel Aviv
Mar 5-9 Blockchain Spring School 2018 Mittweida
Mar 6 Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Thailand Bangkok
Mar 6-7 Cryptocurrency Blockchain Conference Silicon Valley
Mar 6-8 DC Blockchain Summit 2018 Washington
Mar 6-9 Finovate Europe 2018 London
Mar 7 KYC & AML Summit Europe London
Mar 7 Market360: Post-Trade London
Mar 7-8 Blockchain Summit Zürich Zurich
Mar 7-8 Vietnam Blockchain Week Ho Chi Minh City
Mar 8-9 Blockchain Africa Conference Johannesburg
Mar 9 Blockchain Leadership Summit Zurich
Mar 9-10 The First International Women in Blockchain Conference - moinblockchain 2018 Hamburg
Mar 10 Crypto Investor Show 2018 London
Mar 12-14 MoneyLIVE: Retail Banking Europe 2018 Amsterdam
Mar 13 Battle of the Cryptos New York City
Mar 13-14 Seamless Expo 2018 Sydney
Mar 13-14 Middle East Blockchain & Fintech Conference Dead Sea
Mar 13-15 Money20/20 Asia Singapore
Mar 13-15 APAC Blockchain Conference Melbourne
Mar 14-16 Puerto Crypto San Juan
Mar 15-16 4th Annual Block Chain Finance & Fin-tech China 2018 Shanghai
Mar 15-16 Token Fest San Francisco
Mar 16 Blockchain Summit Bangalore 2018 Bangalore
Mar 17-19 CoinAgenda Caribbean San Juan
Mar 19 Blockchain Innovation and Investment Summit (BII SUMMIT) Dubai
Mar 19-21 Disruption, Innovation and InsurTech Summit Amsterdam
Mar 20-21 Token 2049 Hong Kong
Mar 21-22 ADI Caribbean Blockchain Summit Montego Bay
Mar 22 Wall Street and The Internet Of Money New York City
Mar 23-25 Bitcoin Unlimited - Satoshi's Vision Tokyo
Mar 26-27 2018 Blockchain in Healthcare Conference Dubai
Apr 4-6 BLOCK2TheFuture San Francisco
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1p vs -25

So i have a trip to cancun this summer for a family member's birthday. my younger brother and i (19 and 21 respectively) would love to go snorkeling on a dose or 2 (both being experienced users of LSD-25)
Example, last summer we went on a family vacation in montego bay jamaica and I managed to score around 15g and 3.5g of hash our first day there at Margarita of all places. We always get a room to ourselves (big family) so every night we'd roll up huge hash j's and overlook the Jamaican ocean while listening to chill tunes.
I'm a little more nervous to score bud in mexico as you're less likely to run into as friendly of locals.
Back on topic, we're both big fans of L but theres a chance we also have been wanting to try 1p for a long time (and it's more easily accessible considering i can just use a bank wire or CC instead of paying the ridiculous local bitcoin fees).
Is 1p going to be just as magical as the real Mccoy? what are the major differences? I'll have my scripted kpins with me in case of emergency but it seems like they are nearly identical. It;s just you don't get to trip and snorkel in such as a beautiful ecosystem very often so I want to make sure i get the most out of it.
tl;dr what are the major differences between 1plsd and lsd-25?
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LIVE #7 - Bitcoin Fork e Bitcoin Gold - Perguntas & Respostas

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